Our brand new Lu Loyalty Program is here to add a sprinkle of joy to your Lu shopping spree! 🎉 Now, we've got two loyalty systems – one for web purchases and another for in-store purchases. Why, you ask? Because our systems just can't get along in this digital world! No worries, though – we've cracked the code to make your reward redemption as smooth as a silk blouse, whether you're chilling on our website in your PJ's or strutting your Lu style into our Lu locations in Leavenworth, KS, or Springfield, MO. And if you're a frequent flyer on both the web and in the boutiques, you can have the best of both worlds and earn rewards in both programs! Check out the info below on each program and thank you for your loyalty!

Both loyalty programs use the same rewards levels for purchases:  $1 spent = 1 point.

150 points = $5 off reward

250 points = $10 off reward

500 points = $25 off reward


Website purchases (Smile) Lu’s Loyalty Program for website purchases is called Smile.  Here’s how the program works:

Anytime you visit our website www.artisticworksbylu.com a popup panel will appear allowing you to either signup for rewards or if you’re already signed up, to sign into your rewards account. From the popup panel, you can see your points balance, rewards, or discounts available to redeem, see other ways to earn points by sharing the program with friends on Facebook/Instagram.

When you provide your birthdate, you’ll receive a great birthday offer when your special day arrives.

Each time you make a purchase, your points are automatically added to your website account even if you’re not yet signed up for a loyalty account.  You must have a Lu Loyalty Smile account in order to redeem rewards however.

The Smile panel on our website will let you know when you have a reward available and your current points balance. When you have an eligible reward, you can select the reward you want to redeem and Smile will generate a discount code which you can apply directly to the website checkout page.

Smile is used for website purchases only and points can only be earned and redeemed on the Artistic Works By Lu website. We’re sorry but Smile points and rewards are not earned nor can they be redeemed for in-store purchases.  See information below on our in-store AppCard Loyalty Program.

In-store purchases (AppCard)

Lu’s Loyalty Program for in-store purchases in both Leavenworth, KS and Springfield, MO is called AppCard.  AppCard allows you to keep track of your points earned via text notifications or through the downloadable app…downloading the app is not required to earn points.  

You can opt-in by texting artbylu to 87573, then just follow the prompts to sign up or come our women's clothing and jewelry store in Leavenworth, KS or Springfield, MO and we can get you all setup with your cell phone number.

When you provide your email and birthdate, you’ll receive a great birthday offer when your special day arrives.

Each time you make a purchase in the Leavenworth or Springfield boutiques, you provide us the cell phone number you signed up with and your points for that purchase will be automatically added to your AppCard Lu Loyalty account.  When you reach a reward level you can redeem your points for $'s off your purchase in either Leavenworth or Springfield locations.

AppCard is used for in-store purchases only and points can only be earned and redeemed in either the Leavenworth or Springfield boutiques. We’re sorry but AppCard points are not earned nor can they be redeemed on website purchases.  See information above on our website Loyalty Program Smile.


Program Terms & Conditions for both AppCard and Smile

Loyalty Points

-       Points are earned on regular priced items; $1 spent = 1 point earned

-       Points expire 2 years from purchase date

-       Birthday offer expires after 30 days


-       Points can only be used on regular priced items

-       Rewards e.g. birthday offer, can only be used on regular priced items

-       AppCard points can only be redeemed once per day

-       Rewards and points cannot be used on the same transaction